The promoters of the project have a large experience of the managing of big projects. Used to international relationship, they are organizers, sensitive to culture, history and local traditions, and have a passion for the tourist industry.
  DAVID GRANDJEAN : Manager.  


After a short experience in the austere world of accouting and management, and a little tour beneath faraway skies, he was actively involved in this project.

He will probably be the one who will welcome you at your arrival at Le Domaine, and who will recommend to you which sites to see and what services and animation you can enjoy here.

  MICHELE GRANDJEAN : Customer service


She gave up her long banking career to take an active part in this project. As someone having a passion for history, Michelle, in charge of the customer service, will be able to inform you about the past of our region, the places concealing the signs of this past, the traditions which are still alive.

  GERARD GRANDJEAN : Maintenance


At the origin of this project, he left for good his Parisian office to enjoy the pure air of Quercy ...

You will probably meet him helping the managing team, always ready to communicate with the tourists.






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