Here we are !

Le Domaine, which opened on July, 20th, 2002, offers to everyone the pool and its solarium, as well as the main building where one can find games and have a drink at the bar, or share a dinner with other tourists. But we also propose mountain bikes for rent, to discover the many paths and small quaint roads around the Domaine, or a small balneotherapy place with a sauna and a spa for having a relaxing time.

And in 2004 new models of houses (after the Small Chalet, one-storeyed Chalet and Large Chalet, the two-storeyed Chalet -45m²- with its terrace amidst trees, and the Gîte -60m²-, more roomy) will allow you to choose the one that suits you the best.

But for this new year, Le Domaine also offers you new services (a small restaurant, rooms for seminaries, new games for the children, riding near the Domaine), a "Sans soucis" package with a large buffet for breakfast, and more activities for the "Sports" package.



The results of our satisfaction survey : during this first season, you have appreciated our Domaine ("pleasant" for 30% of the people, "peaceful" - 37% -, "wild" - 15% of the answers), our cottages ("comfortable" according to 29% of those who have answered, and "original" for 27%) and the region ("rich" - 30%, and "interesting" - 40%).

And you have been seduced by : "being close to Nature", "a perfect compromise between Nature and cultural visits", "the cottages amidst oak trees", "landscape, quietness, welcoming, social interaction, cottages that really fit into the surrounding countryside", "rural holidays", "well-equipped houses (all the bathrooms are welcome), swimming-pool, very friendly reception", "peacefulness, friendly reception, comfortable houses, trees, bicycles, swimming-pool", etc.

And 78% of the tourists who came in Le Domaine this year have expressed an interest for coming again. We would like to thank them !


Availability : reservations for the Summertime are at their height, so don't wait too long !



"New Year's Eve in Quercy"

The last week of 2003 was the reason for a friendly New Year's Eve with our official guitarist : "Fifi du Causse"


Sunday, September 28th, balloon gathering in Rocamadour

About 20 of those lighter-than-air-crafts had come from France and Belgium for this yearly event. They took off from the bottom of the Alzou canyon, at the feet of the city, some of them carrying passengers that could enjoy the landscapes from there.

But once the meeting has been over, it remains possible to enjoy a trip over our beautiful countryside inside one of those balloon. The Domaine de la Rhue, indeed, organizes flights at demand.


The "black diamond" in Lalbenque

Since the beginning of December, every Tuesday, a special market takes place in Lalbenque, a small village south of Cahors, that is destined to what is sometimes known as the "black diamond" or truffe, i.e. the truffle, this black underground mushroom rare and expensive, with a scent beyond compare.

And this year, it is highly rare and expensive ! Because of the drought indeed, the "crop" is only 10 % of what it was last year at the same period ! And the same happened in other areas, in France, Spain or Italy. So as a consequence, prices have doubled to reach 1000 EUR / kilo !



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