How to play the popularIndian game called andar bahar?

Andar bahar also known as katti sometimes in local places. This game originated from India in which the word andar is called left while bahar is called right side of the table. This is a card game in which a deck of card will be dealt on both sides one by one on both left and right side of the table and the player has to make bet on which side will the joker card will show up. Are you interested to play andar bahar? Checkout jeetwin which is one of the Indian websites offering this game along with many other casino games.


Now let us learn step by step on how to play this simple game of cards. They are as follows,

  • The ratio by which a player can win this game is only 50:50. So it is pure luck and there are no efforts requested from the player rather than making bets. In this game, the player is about to play against the dealer. The dealer will have a deck of cards in which a joker card will be first announced to the player. After the joker is shown up, the player has to make bet on which side of the table would the joker would appear. The dealer will deal a card each on both sides and in the second turn, the bet will be finalized and any changes to the bet can be made.
  • Then the cards are dealt one by one until the joker appears on one of the sides. If it appears on the side that the player has bet on, then the player obviously wins the bet as well as money against the dealer. To play this nice game online, checkout¬†jeetwin which offers great promotions and bonus along.